Early German-American Imprints

Prof. Heinz Wilsdorf

About a man who fulfilled his dream in the hearvest of his life,

about the book he wrote and the collection of valuable imprints he left to his old university in Goettingen

Early German-American Imprints

The book "Early German-American Imprints":

A page about the book he wrote about the first imprints in german language printed in America . Sorry to say it's under constructon and not quite ready yet. Please be patient and come back lateron. There will be pages added soon.


The books of the Wilsdorf- collection

The collection kept in Goettingen consists of 247 books. Though some of special interest shall be presented here with photos shortly it is not possible to give details about all of them at this website. So if you are looking for a special book of the collection you can find it directly through the online catalogue (OPAC) of the of the State- and University Library of Lower Saxony Goettingen

There you will find a scrolldown- menue at the top in which instead of "All words (all)" you should choose "Shelf mark (SLB)" and write "Wilsdorf?" into the empty space below (don't forget the "?" it's important!!). Then you will find 247 references to the books.

If you choose one of them by clicking the link you find details such as title, author, edition, year of publication , number of pages, remarks and where you find it in the library. By clicking on the "download" link below you can even mail the whole list or any chosen part of it to your webadress.